Who we are.

         We are sister-witches, moved to create jewelry by a philosophy of the body that seeks out the narratives left obscure to history. Our aesthetic embraces the texture and juxtaposition of woman, female, and witch through the pairing of handmade brass and copper elements with gemstones of alchemical portent. Our name, Which Witch Handmade, rose from the anonymity of Otherness and the disfranchisement of the body when it is reducible to gender, and our desire for conscious, handmade means of speech. Each piece is designed and made by me in my Seattle studio and my sister promotes witches worldwide from the warmer end of the West Coast.


            My name is Laurel and I am the owner and metalwitch behind Which Witch Handmade.  When I construct pieces, I consider the physicality of my materials and how they will be worn on the body. My aesthetic was born from my love of philosophy, specifically expressions of objects and representation. We make jewelry that celebrates the body as a site of power and mystery, a source of creativity and an unpredictable force.  Our belief in bodies is ancient, woven into human history with a secret power always supressed, but never quite extinguished. The tarot embodies that mystery and inspires us to explore unlikely compositions of metal and stone.


Megan is our marketing/media witch and connects with sisters around world, finding artists and makers and those who also embolden the body. Fashion inspires me as a visual narrative exploring how we relate to our environment. Color and texture reflect the language of individual assertion with a silent agency, especially when we wear items that transmit the energy of handmade fashion to the wearer.



Why we make.

            The historical oppression of the body, especially the female or the gendered body, is a prejudice we fight by making handmade accessories that embolden wearers to challenge existing statuses and structures. To recognise the body is to submit to the cries and yearnings of a being whose complexity is forcibly masked and hidden by false histories. The body is a map of ideals, of justice, of corporeal presence, of confidence and sensitivity. We wish to create an emotional space with handmade fashion that shields the wearer from fear of equality and ignorance of the power of our voices. Our bodies are strong, witches. We speak of a power that exposes and unites us, declares us sisters under the same moon, and tells a history of the voices who could not be silenced.


We are compos mentis.



What we make.

            We make one of a kind and statement pieces by hand because we value your body, witch. Our handmade pieces are created with semi-precious gemstones, copper, brass, and niobium. Metal makes witches stronger. From the fall of the hammer to the delicate wire wrapping, we take great care with each piece to ensure it can withstand years of wear. Not all metal is equal. Every pair of earrings we make with niobium earwires, a nickel-free alloy safe for witches with metal allergies. Gemstones ground our work within one of the oldest traditions of adornment, a history that runs concurrent with talismanic practice. Stones are formed with an intricate balance of time and pressure, much as we emerge from our past selves with the bold strength on one awakened, one in community.


Ancient wisdom valued stones for their natural beauty and cultural longevity, denying the logic of identical reproduction. Gemstones are grounding, a reminder of centuries of marginalisation of the body in nature. Wearing stones reclaims the power of that connection, of slow and intentional representation of the body. No two bodies should be held to the same voice and we are always exploring new styles and forms of expression through our work.


We are conscious bodies and we value yours, witch.


“There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender … identity is performatively constituted by the very ‘expressions’ that are said to be its results.” – Judith Butler, Gender Trouble